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Wildwatch Algarve Dolphin Watching

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We are driven by three passions: the Algarve, marine life and the love to preserve and show these two treasures. What else could you expect from a team mostly composed of young marine biologists trained in the region and true belivers of the value that resides here? The experiences that we propose to you are born from the knowledge rooted on what delights us, either the splendor hidden in recesses of the coast, the ancestral fishing and shellfish collecting sites, or the marks left by an history full of episodes of adventures and heroes. Either even the fabulous wildlife that inhabit our waters and that have attracted our dedication in contemplation, in study and in its preservation. THE FOUNDER: ANDRÉ DIAS andre Specialties: Marine mammals, Scientific Diving, Fisheries and Community Development A descendant of generations of fishermen from the Algarve, André Dias wanted to add value to the family business becoming marine biologist. In academic life at the University of Algarve, he stood out by assotiative projects such as the nuclei of Underwater Activities and Students of Biology. In 2003 and 2004, chaired the Students Association of the University of Algarve, leaving an unavoidable legacy in defining the Laws of Basis of Higher Education and Social Education in Portugal. Nationally, he was vice president of the Federation of University Sports and joined the National Council of Social Action for Education. From 2004, due to crisys in fisheries sector, shall devote most of his time to revitalize the family business, taking on the roles of manager while part of the crew of the trawler “Arrifana”. During this period, also focuses on training in Ecotourism, Participatory Methods in Fishing Communities, Foreman Fisherman, Coastal Skipper, PADI Dive Master and Seabirds Observer by ESAS (European Sea Birds at Sea) in Portugal. In the UK, is certified as Marine Mammal Observer by JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) and as operator PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring). By conquering business sustainability in fisheries, could devote himself to activities of oceanic exploration, particularly in certification as scientific diver, and was released on marine ecotourism with the acquisition of the vessel ECOEXPLORER. The experience gathered in Lagos and Portimão in whale watching and scientific tourism were crucial to the establishment of the project WILDWATCH.

Rua da Ribeira nº73, 8400-247