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Dolphin Emotions

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► Planning Plan your visit to the park beforehand. ► Park Hours Check the park's opening and closing times before your visit. ► Minimum Visit Time To enjoy all we have to offer we recommend you spend at least one full day at the park. ► 2nd Day Ticket The 2nd day ticket is valid up to 10 days after the 1st visit. Access to the park on the 2nd day is done with a wristband, that is personal and non-transmissable. If the wrist band is not presented or has in any way been tampered with access to the park will not be granted. To obtain your wristband please visit the Dolphin Emotions office on the 1st day of your visit. After leaving the park, you cannot purchase the 2nd day ticket. ► Hygene and safety For safety reasons glass containers, especially bottles are forbidden. For hygene and safety reasons animals are not allowed in the park. ► Clothing and footwear Bring clothes suited for the season and comfortable shoes. ► Hot Weather On days when the weather is hotter we recommend using sunscreen. Don't forget to keep hydrated, keep a water bottle close by. Pay special attention to children, seniors and pregnant women. ► Presentations The stadiums open 30min before each presentation. After reaching full capacity they will close and no more entries will be permitted for the presentation in session. For safety reasons it is not permitted to park strollers or KiddyCars at entances' or access points. ► Choice of Seats In some presentations you will get wet if you sit in the seats nearest the stage. In some entertainment and attractions will also get wet. Keep the most important objects safe. ► Zoomarine Beach Bring a swimming costume and towel to enjoy our wave beach, water slides and swimming pools. The use of a full swimming costume is mandatory for all visitors (including children and babies). ► Picnic areas There are picnic areas with tables and seats available in some locations of the park. Seating is limited therefore it is not permitted to reserve places. ► Meals Zoomarine offers a wide range of restaurants where you can find a variety of meals. Check the working hours of each restaurant and plan your meals outside the busiest times. ► Pick-up Service Pre-book your transport service. Zoomarine has a pick-up service available in various regions of the Algarve. Contact your Hotel or Travel Agent to book. ► Free Parking Zoomarine has a wide free parking area. We strongly advise not to leave objects or valuable items in your vehicle and to make sure that all windows and doors are locked. Zoomarine cannot be held responsible for objects or valuable items left inside the vehicles. For security reasons, it's not allowed to stay overnight or camping. ► Information Customer service is located in the recception at the park's entrance. Our staff are available to help you in any way they can.

Estrada Nacional 125, km 65, Guia, Albufeira