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Almond Tree Wellness Spa

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Almond Tree Wellness Spa 

We believe in rituals and results.
 The ritual of an aromatherapy treatment, at home or in a spa, is as important as the effect of the essential oils themselves.

 Our concept combines the benefits of essential oils with natural elements such as the Algarve sun, the Sea, the Orange and Almond to give you unforgettable moments of true well-being. 

The Almond Tree Wellness Spa provides the ideal escape, various treatments that combine traditional massage techniques with the careful application of pressure along the spine to reach the nervous system highly effective in treating stress symptoms, relaxation rooms, sauna, Hamman, indoor pool, Vitality Pool and a gym equipped with the latest technology. You have at your disposal a set of services that provide a balance between your physical and spiritual well-being.

 The Almond Tree Wellness Spa features eight treatment rooms including two double suites carefully designed to perform treatments using techniques from Eastern and Western massage stimulates the nervous system thereby relieving the congested areas providing a rebalancing of body and mind. You will be able to enjoy the wide range of treatments which include: RITUAL "HOT LAVA SHELL," RITUAL ALMOND TREE SPA, hot stone treatments, intensive facials , and massages and treatments as specific exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, pre-and postnatal supplements feet.

 The Almond Tree Wellness Spa and Aromatherapy Associates come together to offer a line of products that enhance the therapeutic benefits of treatments.

 Each of us must create our own ritual and enjoy some quiet time away from the stresses of the daily life, to take full advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy. Working the inside and outside of your body, our goal is to give you some peace and quiet of mind, balance emotions and relieve anxiety and tension accumulated.

Rua do Oceano Atlântico, Vilamoura , Vilamoura, 8125 - 478